Sun Star

With temperatures well above normal this month in much of the eastern US, there are still green leaves in New York City, cherry trees are blooming in Washington DC, and in my home turf of the southern Appalachian mountains, there are still a few dabs of color left in the landscape.
By now the forest is usually bare. After a record high a couple days ago, the first snow of the season isforecast for a few days from now, and these lingering leaves will fall along with the temperature. I take advantage of the unusual warmth, each day a treasure hunt with growing urgency to find these few tenacious trees clinging to their autumn colors.
I captured the light slicing through this leaf, the sun magically beaming brilliant sunset colors to the tree. The leaves are camouflaged as yellow and red and orange mingle with the darkening sky. Shooting with a small aperture reveals the sun as the star it is, the center of our solar system. As day turns to night, it peers from behind the leaf curtain as the star of my photo, ready to take its daily bow before yielding the sky to fainter stars.