Fog Clouds

The South Carolina Botanical Garden, located just south of Clemson University’s campus, is nearly 300 acres. There are 5 miles of trails meandering through everything from formal gardens to wild forests and streams. Deep in the garden it is easy to believe you are in a wilderness.
I arrived just after dawn, as the sun was coming up over the trees. There was thick dew on the shrubs and grass that sparkled in the sunshine. The small aptly named Meadow Pond nearby was covered with a thick fog.
As I was photographing the sunrays coming through the nearby trees, a small piece of fog would occasionally break off and drift over in front of the trees. It wasn’t the dense fog I am accustomed to, but instead formed very discretely, one every few minutes. At least on this morning the garden had its own weather, enveloped in a tiny flock of fog clouds.