Social Media

What seems many lifetimes ago I studied primates. I was fascinated by their societies, caring for each other in ways I saw reflected in my own family and friends. Since I started posting to Instagram this spring, suddenly I became part of an unimaginably large social group. I have been both amused and amazed seeing the world through your eyes,
I could never compete with the art and craft of many of you, in your paintings, photos and so many other astonishing talents. But your creativity has motivated me to try harder so I can share my world with you, and I am grateful for this inspiration.
As hundreds grew to thousands of followers, in the past weeks I am now unable to keep up with my activity. My feed will fill before I can reply. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to continue posting daily and respond to you. I will still be sharing my photos and Instagram character limit mandated ultra short stories here. But I will post less often, so I can spend more time nurturing the wonderful virtual friendships that have literally and figuratively expanded my horizons. Thanks so much for sharing your worlds with me.