Garden Path

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a 30-acre oasis in the middle of Atlanta. Except for occasional traffic noise, it is easy to imagine being in the middle of a forest, or field. There are indoor displays of orchids and other tropical plants, and the grounds are full of wonderful trees and flowers.
I was especially enchanted by this gorgeous meadow, stretching on either side of the path. The flowers reached higher than me, and the curve in the trail seemed to beckon me on. It bent back on itself, and for a moment I felt I was being proverbially led down the garden path, an abrupt end to the walkway with no purpose. But with one last small bend it ended in a lovely pool with waterlilies.
I briefly stopped to admire the reflection of the brilliant blue sky in the water before turning around. I was happy to enjoy the illusion of summer, with bees buzzing all around and butterflies darting between the flowers. At least for this moment, though definitely autumn, I was enveloped in a yellow haze of Indian summer flowers.