Climbing False Buckwheat

This vine grows on top of other plants and can extend 20 feet though usually in my yard it stays below around six feet high. I imagine if I took out a ruler and traced its circuitous path woven through and over shrubs it might be 30 feet long or more.
The flowers and fruit are individually small and not that showy being just green or white. But since they grow in such profusion they make an eye catching display. Flowers attract bees and other pollinators and seeds can be ground to make an edible flour but I leave them for wildlife since many birds and some mammals eat them. 
I shot this near sunset so the vine was blended in with the bokeh formed by the low sun. I find it interesting how there is an unintentional camouflage as the light through distant trees forms the same colors and shapes. I imagine there are many shared patterns in nature but we must search for them by looking beyond what we see at a glance. Sometimes we may only see the way nature’s many pieces fit together by looking at a certain time and pattern of light which reveals what is usually hidden.