River Reflections

My aunt was a nature photographer, and often emphasized the human element in her photos. Most of her hikes and travels were done with my uncle who would obligingly pose in her photos, most often in the foreground looking pensively off into her landscape. Perhaps it was a fashion of the time but he generally wore red, though to be honest I always remember him wearing earth colors so maybe he had a special backcountry changing room to prepare for these photo shoots.
Since I usually hike alone, and haven’t yet joined the selfie revolution, most of my landscape photos are of wilderness scenes, my preferred habitat. Looking at Instagram, it is clear that many people photograph themselves or friends in their scenes, so at my brother’s urging I decided to join the trend for this photo. He argued that having someone in a shot allows others to place themselves there vicariously more easily. Plus I think he just wanted to be in the picture!
Dodging raindrops, we hiked in Asheville along a small stream. He posed along this rock looking at the reflection of the first fall colors in a slow section of the creek. I like how this scene is a microcosm of some of the grander scenery nearby, with rushing streams and soaring peaks. The ancient Appalachians have been carved by water and time, from mountains to boulders. I’m not sure yet if I like this human intrusion into my photo. If you suddenly see me in a red jacket appearing in all my pictures you’ll know what I decide