Old Friend.

WP06Oct2019I recently returned from another visit to Costa Rica, a country I have visited so often that it is like being with an old friend, both exciting and relaxing. My first visits many years ago were to study monkeys and rainforests, so it felt familiar to spend time watching and photographing them, including this friendly capuchin.
While I was there Costa Rica won a 2019 Champions of the Earth award by the United Nations, given by the UN Environment Programme in recognition of their policy leadership. They specifically mentioned Costa Rica’s recently developed decarbonization plan as the basis for the award, with a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 to combat climate change. Among many accomplishments they noted that currently more than 98% of the country’s energy is renewable, a quarter of the country’s land is protected, and more than half of the country has forest cover.
There are signs everywhere of environmental commitment, and an enthusiastic embrace of ecotourism. Costa Rica is tiny but tough, fearlessly leading the way on protecting the earth, in a corner of the world bursting with amazing beauty. I am proud of this country I consider a friend.