Marvelous Monkeys

I was a primatologist for many years, which is a fancy way of saying I never got over my childhood infatuation with monkeys. Whenever I get back to the tropics, it’s always a thrill to see them. I’m tempted to whip out a notebook and start recording data, but instead these days I tend to pull out my camera and take pictures.
I recently returned from an amazing trip to El Salvador. I was incredibly impressed by the beautiful landscapes, the incredible diversity of wildlife, and the enthusiasm and friendliness of the people I met. One of the highlights for me was observing the endangered Geoffroy’s spider monkey, seen here at Bahía de Jiquilisco biosphere reserve.
Sadly they are threatened throughout their range in Mexico and Central America by hunting, the pet trade, and habitat loss. The population of these monkeys has declined 50% in the last 45 years. I was glad to see they still seem to be thriving in El Salvador. Looking into their eyes, and watching their curious intelligence about the world around them, I felt a deep kinship with these graceful forest creatures. I really enjoyed the moments we shared in their forest home.