November Sky

In much of the U.S., sunsets become more dramatic in autumn and winter. In the summer there is less air circulation so dust and pollution remain in the atmosphere. These large particles tend to reduce the amount of color getting through, so though there can be dramatic summer sunsets, they are less common and generally less colorful.
In autumn, cool winds blow down from Canada, literally and metaphorically sweeping the sky clean. Without these polluting particles more colors of the spectrum get through, so sunsets have more dramatic colors.
This sunset just seemed to get better as time went on, the orange and red deepening as the sun went down. I took this photo when there was already a bit of twilight gray mingling with the colors because it was the moment of deepest intensity. In a strange way it seems there has been some secret transaction between earth and sky. The colors are mostly gone from the forest, but it seems they have just migrated to hover slightly above the trees.