Beaming Bench

It is fantastic to finally have a full day of sunshine again! When my brother came to visit he was concerned about the drought from the dry summer here, since he planned to hike and camp along a local river. He casually wished for rain, wanting the river to be more dramatic.
Well, he got his drama. I blame him for the showers that began a few days after his arrival, growing into epic rain for days while he was here, wrapping up with the tail end of the hurricane. Where I live part time in Black Mountain I am next door to the tallest mountain in the east, which attracts rain like a magnet. My rain gauge stopped working, I think it finally gave up in disbelief. But based on local reports, there was somewhere between 15 and 40 inches of rain in the past week.
He is headed back to NY tomorrow, and right on cue there is gorgeous sunshine all day for the first time in over a week. Much as I like raging rivers, I also was amazed and happy to see these sunrays landing exactly on this woodland bench by a small pond. I am ready to bask in some sunshine!