Journey home

This is a shot taken en route to Asheville, with a glimpse of mountains cloaked in clouds. Looking out the window, I was transfixed by the impossible blue of sky at this height, the complex geometry of endless shapes and layers of clouds. There was a familiar giddy feeling at defying gravity, for this brief time letting go of earth.
When I was a kid I would lie in my backyard looking up at the sky, watching airplanes fly back and forth. I would wonder where they were going, and wish I was on one of them. Although I have been on many planes since then, for me the magic of flight remains. I skip the airport bookstores, since I rarely read on planes. Unless I’m really exhausted I don’t sleep either. Mainly I look out the window- I always insist on a window seat. No matter the view, whether majestic mountains or masked by mist, I look down at whatever we pass. There is something mesmerizing watching the world passing by in a motion strangely slow and fast at the same time. Maybe a kid looked up at my plane, dreaming of the trips they will take one day. I hope they enjoy their future adventures.