Salamander waterfall

I stopped to admire a miniature five foot waterfall on a small creek and noticed a pair of eyes peering out at me from under where several small rivulets of water fell from overhanging moss. This very patient salamander would crawl out until it got splashed by too much water and after blinking in weak protest shuffle back under the overhanging rocks before venturing out again. Apparently it liked living on the edge, quite literally. I leaned my camera over a small pool that had formed at the base of this tiny falls and shot two or three pictures before pausing to wipe my filter with a lens cloth after it was covered in the spray of droplets. I did this several times until the camera itself was getting so wet I decided without weather sealing I had tested my camera enough for one day. I like this shot because my flash caught two water drops as they fell and flared off them midair suspended in front of the salamander’s patient gaze.