Fall Reflections

Rain would seem to be a photographer’s enemy, but gray sky actually is nature’s gift of an enormous diffuser. The light is softened, and without the extreme exposure differences of highlights and shadows, subtle tones are revealed. The moisture even brings out more vibrant colors.
I knew all this but of course was not totally thrilled standing in a steady downpour getting damper by the minute. Still, I was inspired by a small group of vivid trees arching over the water, almost touching the surface. The raindrops hitting the pond made it hard to get a smooth reflection, but beneath the shelter of the umbrella-like branches was a small area of tranquil water. I included this watery mirror in the foreground, dotted with leaves swept down by the storm.
Both blowing in the wind and rippling on the water, the leaves seemed to form a colorful fall foliage flag. Soaking up the beauty of the moment, and unavoidably also quite a few rocketing raindrops, I reflected on this reflection of autumn’s end. For three seasons these leaves have grown and given haven to riotous life, and in this final season they will be the blanket for earth’s sleep, a needed winter’s rest before next year’s green renewal.