Ant Talk

I’ve had a fascination with ants since childhood. Over the years I’ve recorded them both with microphones and cameras, exploring their tiny hidden worlds. In the tropics I’ve been enchanted by leafcutter ants, alternately charmed and attacked by army ants, and experienced the pain of a bullet ant bite, among many other amazing ant experiences.
Ants communicate with their antennae, a conversation of smell, touch and taste. They learn from each other their position in the ant hierarchy, where they have been, and what food they have been feeding on so they can guide each other in search of dinner.
I shot this with a macro lens that magnifies to 5 times life size, making these tiny ants appear like strange hybrids of insects and puppies. Only the eye of the closest ant is in focus, but the blur of antennae captures the restless energy of this form of ant communication.