Did Katy?

Katydids are found on every continent except Antarctica, with their greatest diversity in the tropics. In my yard they bring an exotic jungle sound to summer nights. They call by rubbing their front wings together. They hear these sounds through their legs, which have specialized patches that serve as their ears.
They are often various shades of green, and I barely noticed this one since it blended in color and pattern so well with the leaf where it was resting. Their amazing camouflage assures they will remain unseen by predators. This is especially important since some studies suggest a katydid may live its whole life in the tree where it was born, so it is critical to remain cryptic.
The name comes from their call. Listening to their nocturnal chorus it sounds like some say Katy did, while others reply Katy didn’t. Most of the night in my yard there is katydid conversation. As I drift off to sleep, I wonder who is Katy? What did she do, if she even did anything? Will the truth ever be known, or will this remain a perennial topic of summer insect gossip?