Big Apple Store

Grand Central is enormous with 48 acres, 44 platforms, and more than 100 tracks, the most of any railroad station in the world. Its architectural elegance and shopping options attract over 21 million visitors every year, one of the top ten global tourist attractions. This is in addition to the steady stream of commuters, with 750,000 to a million people traveling every day via train, mostly to and from the suburbs of New York and Connecticut.
Open almost four years, the Grand Central Apple store remains a popular attraction for Apple enthusiasts. The store is located in the East and Northeast balconies of the main concourse. It is one of Appleā€™s largest retail locations, with 23,000 square feet, and includes a unique element of 15-minute classes for busy New Yorkers looking to learn a bit about bytes before catching their train. It seems Apple has found an appropriate home in the heart of the Big Apple.
I took this shot with muted evening light and exposed for the highlights so the people in front of the store became abstract silhouettes. The shadowy forms of commuters below are traced by light reflected from the store and windows above, a time capsule of the perpetual motion of Grand Central Station.