Georgianna Orsini’s Garden

Several times in the past few months I have visited the garden of Georgianna Orsini, in Asheville, North Carolina. Although she lives in a home with a relatively small yard, she has a delightful diversity of plants, rich with brilliant blooms, fern fronds, and graceful grasses. It is also a wonderful habitat for wildlife, with a bird bath, birdhouse, and assorted bird feeders. I saw quite a few birds, butterflies, and other wildlife on every visit.
I am including here several photos to show the progression of her garden from early summer to early autumn. This June photo shows one of many container gardens, with flowers changing through the seasons. Each planter holds a miniature botanical world, vibrant in color and texture.
This pair of photos from early August shows two different views of the colorful flower border lining the walk leading to the front door of the house. As can be seen from these perspectives, a detailed look at the blossoms shows an amazing diversity of size and shape, while a broader view shows the sea of blooms that seems to defy the sultry summer heat that would melt lesser flowers.
wpid447-untitled-3.jpg wpid445-untitled-2.jpg
A recent shot, taken a bit over a week ago, shows the remaining autumn blooms framed by the soft haze of maturing grasses. The flowers float gracefully against the sea of green.
It is truly an all season garden, one I am happy to visit whenever possible, to explore the amazing diversity and beauty nurtured by Georgianna Orsini’s exceptional horticultural and artistic talents.